Contesting A Will

After a loved one passes away, one of the last things on your mind is filing a lawsuit. However, what are your options when you believe a loved one's will is fraudulent or was signed under duress? You may want to consider contesting the will to protect your interests along with those of your loved ones.

Experienced Trial Attorneys

We are experienced courtroom lawyers who have represented many individuals in Texas in will contest cases.

Contesting a will can make sure the estate is protected and your loved one's wishes are honored. However, the legal process is complex and requires knowledge of the probate process. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling probate disputes.

When Can You Contest A Will?

Every case is unique and depends on specific factors. However, a will may be challenged under one of the following situations:

  • Lack of mental capacity to sign a will
  • Undue influence in signing a will
  • Not adhering to legal requirements for a proper will

Inheritance disputes are taken very seriously — as they should be. Your loved one's wishes for distributing his or her estate should be honored. We can explore all options to make sure everything is handled properly and your interests are also protected.

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