Accounting, Distribution And Partition

The period after the passing away of a loved one can be an extremely difficult one, both in terms of emotional and legal matters. At Bingham and Lea, our San Antonio attorneys have many years of experience dealing with accounting and distribution of the assets of the estates of deceased family members. We seek to do a professional and thorough job in this matter so as to ease this burden for you in your time of loss.

Dealing with wills can be a difficult matter, but you can be assured that our experienced professionals will be more than capable of walking you through the nuances of such proceedings. Complex legal jargon will be put aside, with everything explained in straightforward terms that will allow for complete comprehension. We consider it our duty to ensure that all possible outcomes are outlined and fully explained, thus ensuring that no unnecessary surprises or obstacles confront you throughout the process.

Wills sometimes come with various complex articles and amendments, in some cases providing contradictory terms. It is our job to work out these complexities in a way that not only makes sense but that also correlates to the interests of the deceased and their beneficiaries. We want to make this a smooth transition for you, and with that in mind you can be assured that every single specific detail will be scrutinized in order to provide you with an exemplary interpretation of the will in question.

If you find yourself in dispute with other beneficiaries, or wish to contest certain aspects of the will, we can take the awkwardness and unpleasantness of such situations out of your hands, tackling the situation with delicacy and efficiency.

The probate process can sometimes be lengthy, and can involve many parties from relatives and other individuals to corporations and government agencies. We will work closely with you to navigate this process and deal with all of these factors in a way that respects not only the facts but also your personal wishes. We will do everything in our power to expedite the process and come to a satisfactory resolution to your case.

All funds, whether they come in the form of costs and taxes, or inherited assets, will be completely scrutinized so that you are aware of their status and end destinations at all times. Every aspect of the proceedings will be relayed to you in a timely, straightforward manner, thus ensuring that you are always up to date on the latest developments of your case. Together, we will bring your case to a timely, agreeable conclusion.