News And Settlements

September 2015. Bingham and Lea appointed Co-Class Counsel in 8.75 million dollar class action settlement in case that alleges violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

September 2015. Ben spoke to the San Antonio Bankruptcy Bar Association about how consumer laws like the FCRA and FDCPA interact with bankruptcy laws. The presentation included an update on time-barred debt in and out of bankruptcy, and false proofs of claim in bankruptcy.

August 2015. Bingham and Lea settles case where a copy of will was offered for probate, as opposed to original will. Had the will be admitted to probate, B&L clients would have received nothing. B&L clients received most of what they would have received if copy of will was denied admittance to probate court.

June 2015. Bingham and Lea settles case after discovering that will offered for probate was almost certainly fake and falsely notarized; clients received more than their fair share of estate.

May 2015. Royal wins a victory in the Texas Fourth Court of Appeals in case where it is alleged that taxing authoring reneged on its agreement with taxpayers -case is headed for the Texas Supreme Court.

February 2015. Ben talks to Montana Trial Lawyers Association; Ben was invited to attend the MTLA Winter meeting and talk about his consumer law practice, consumer class actions and cy pres awards.

February 2015. 45 million dollar TCPA settlement approved, where Bingham & Lea, PC was one of three firms named class counsel.