The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Are creditors calling and harassing you about a debt they say you owe? Your life can seem like a never-ending nightmare when creditors are always contacting you. The good news is you do not have to deal with debt collectors violating your rights.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects consumers from debt collection harassment. Consumers have the right to take legal action against creditors for violations. We have experience representing consumers in these cases.

We are committed to helping consumers throughout Texas understand their rights. We are also committed to stopping creditor harassment.

What Are Your Rights?

The FDCPA protects consumers in many ways by prohibiting debt collection companies from using abusive or deceptive practices when trying to collect debt. Creditors may use many different means to try and collect unpaid debt. However, they are prohibited from:

  • Harassment, including violent threats, obscene language or repeatedly calling you
  • Unfair practices, including collecting additional fees or interest not allowed by law or contacting you through a postcard
  • Making false statements, including false claims or misrepresenting how much debt you owe
  • Saying you will face arrest, legal action or that your wages will be garnished or your home seized unless they are permitted by law to say so
  • Providing false information about you to other individuals or companies

We will explain your rights and what options are available in your specific situation, and when appropriate represent you in Court.

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