Business Garnishments

Garnishment is a procedure where the property of a debtor is set aside to be given to the creditor as payment for debt when the debtor becomes unable to pay. Whether you are at the giving or receiving end of garnishments, you should work with San Antonio lawyers who have the skills and expertise you need to make sure that your rights are protected during the entire process.

What is Garnishment?

Garnishment is a court order directed at a third party telling him that money or property in his possession and owned by the debtor must be seized to satisfy his debts. Garnishment can also be accomplished by directing the seizing of money or property to come from the debtor himself. The most common type of garnishment is wage garnishment, where notice is served on the employer telling him to withhold a certain amount from the worker's wages to be paid for his debts. Another type of garnishment is an attachment where the garnishee is told to deliver all money or property of the debtor that is in his possession to the court.

If you are at the receiving end of a garnishment suit, you should make sure that only the legal amount is taken from your wages or property. No creditor is allowed to take everything you have in payment of a debt. You need to work with a lawyer because he knows how to respond to a creditor's demand letter and he can assist you through the process of settling your debts in court. More importantly, your lawyer can help you find ways to object to the garnishment and find alternative ways of repaying your debt. You will need to file your objection to the garnishment with the court and request a hearing. A good lawyer will be able to come up with appropriate reasons to object, such as excessive amount of wages to be garnished, previous payment, or the failure to properly adhere to procedure by the creditor.

We are a team of dedicated lawyers with specific expertise in handling garnishment cases. If you are a creditor and want to make sure that you are paid the full amount of the loan, we ensure a properly filed lawsuit against the debtor that will result in a favorable judgment. If you are a debtor, our legal experts are here to make sure that your rights are not violated during the garnishment process.Contact us online or call us at 800-651-2721 to schedule a consultation.