Collecting Business And Commercial Debts

We have more than 40 years of experience handling debt collection and litigation. We are experienced in obtaining "turnover" orders (business garnishments) and other extraordinary remedies including involuntary bankruptcy, receiverships, executions, Sheriff's sales and sequestrations. Even if the debtor files bankruptcy, we have the experience to continue to represent you throughout the bankruptcy process.

We are also experienced in domestication of judgments—making your out-of-state (or federal) judgment enforceable. We can simply register your judgment for a flat fee or register it and pursue collection of it for you on an hourly, contingent, or blended fee basis.

Forming A Strategy To Achieve A Resolution

We use proven negotiation and litigation tactics to achieve a successful and cost-effective resolution for you. Our strategy includes locating all nonexempt assets owned and then obtaining the proper judgments or orders to collect the debt when possible. We know what steps to take during every phase of the collection process.

Collecting An Unpaid Debt: The Turnover Statute

The Texas "turnover statute" allows all kinds of creative assistance to help judgment creditors collect from debtors. It is frequently used as a "business garnishment" which will allow judgment creditors to collect a certain percentage of business revenue until the judgment is paid. The turnover statute also allows for injunctions to prevent the judgment debtor from transferring assets, and for receivers to take control of the judgment debtor's assets.

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