Protecting Your Interests During Bankruptcy Litigation

We represent business creditors in business bankruptcy cases. If your collecting your money is at risk due to a debtor filing for bankruptcy protection, we can help. If you are involved in a lawsuit during a bankruptcy proceeding, we can help. The best way to protect yourself in this situation is to hire an experienced bankruptcy litigation attorney.

Adversary Proceedings: How We Can Help

We routinely represent clients in bankruptcy adversary proceedings and litigation involving:

  • Exemption claims (debtor claiming too much or wrong exempt property or insurance proceeds, recent transfers of property now claimed to be exempt;
  • Enforcement of debts or judgments through claims litigation, discharge litigation (cases involving whether a debt survives bankruptcy or gets wiped out), fiduciary litigation and
  • Preference litigation (defending creditors from the trustee's claim of a preferential payment)

Sometimes lawsuits that could be filed in another court are brought in bankruptcy court as an "adversary proceeding." Knowing the nuances of bankruptcy court jurisdiction can greatly impact where, when and how your case will be tried and appealed. Careful analysis during the first few weeks of an adversary proceeding will impact not only the success, but the time and cost of the litigation. We can help you analyze the cost and benefits to be derived from knowing when a lawsuit can and cannot be filed in a bankruptcy case as an adversary proceeding.

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