Non Compete Disputes

At any level of business, contracts are the lifeblood that fuels the vast network of contacts and profits. Unfortunately, as rigid and complete as contracts can be, breaches and violations can occur and disrupt the operation of a business. Among the most foreboding of these cases is when an employer dishonestly forces unfair non compete restrictions on an employee, or when an employee violates essential non compete clauses in one's employment contract.

At the Law Offices of Bingham & Lea, we have worked vigorously to protect our clients' rights whether it be an impassioned defense against unfair litigation, or a stern enforcement of our clients' contracts. If our clients should find themselves in need of legal assistance regarding these disputes, we offer the San Antonio Attorneys ready to take action on your behalf.

In certain cases of dishonesty, such as providing competitors with access to company products or displays, revealing company trade secrets or information to a third party without company approval, hiring competing employees while employed by the company, or failing to tell the employer of interests or jobs with other companies, unfair competition and outright theft can be some of the most damaging problems that a company could face. Under these circumstances, our experienced team will efficiently and effectively contest to take action against those that threaten our clients' businesses by helping to remove them from their company position, fighting to require them to pay for damages and losses resulting from the violation, and minimize damage by seeking damage reimbursement for copyright and trademark violation, as well as any other intellectual property laws.

However, due to the volatile nature of such non-compete agreements, some businesses and employers can take advantage of these agreements to exploit employees in a predatory and unfair way. In cases such as these, our firm seeks to terminate unfair non-compete agreements and remove unfair limitations on employment opportunities as well as maintain an environment of fair and legal competition. It can be very difficult for an individual to fight against a predatory company alone, which is why our team strives to achieve the maximum success for every individual client, whether they are an employer or employee.

For over 20 years, our firm has built a track record of proven success in non compete cases as well as many others. If you wish to schedule a consultation with our experienced team of legal representatives, call us at (210) 224-1819 or complete the contact form on this page.