Contract Disputes

In any business endeavor, contracts are a necessary and typically rigid but potentially fallible part of the practice. Because of this, business contract disputes can happen and can disrupt the normal flow of business for both the employer and employee. For this reason, our experienced team of legal professionals are willing and ready to assist our clients in these matters. We promise to bring the meticulous work ethic that our firm has become synonymous with in over 20 years of service to San Antonio's business owners and their staff.

Disputes range anywhere from issues involving deceptive and unfair trade practices, breach of contract claims, unclear or unfair non-compete agreements, employment agreement claims, insurance claims, business partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, real estate claims, and claims of fraud. Our firm's years of experience have allowed us to work with many varying kinds of disputes and allow us to perfectly tailor a concise plan for each individual client's case.

Whether our clients are the plaintiff or defendant in any such case, our firm will call upon every aspect of our collective knowledge and experience to connect our clients with the best possible professional legal plan which will lead to the most successful outcome.

However, to most efficiently handle a dispute over a contractual matter, the best course of action is to take the necessary steps to avoid and prevent these issues from occurring as much as possible. Our experienced San Antonio Lawyers are ready and willing to assist any and all of our clients by reviewing any type of contractual agreement with a vendor, business partner, customer, or employee. We give every client the thorough attention that their business deserves, determining whether or not the contract in question is fair and will protect your interests. One of the most common mistakes in forming a contact is having ambiguous or vague language that the various parties interpret differently.

If, unfortunately, the dispute has already manifested, our legal team stands prepared to work with our clients to achieve the most ideal outcome. Most of the time, the least costly and most beneficial way to settle these disputes is to settle out of court and avoid major conflict. Unfortunately, due to the nature of contract disputes, court proceedings are not always avoidable. The strategy we employ could range anywhere from seeking simple injunctive relief, to seeking civil damages and monetary compensation for the harm caused to your company or livelihood.