Partnership Disputes

Business partnership disputes can wreck the foundation of a business and distract a business owner from the operations that keep a business running and profitable. If a partnership dispute is threatening to damage or even end your business, the attorneys at Bingham and Lea will provide you with the leading counsel in San Antonio to help resolve your dispute in the most beneficial possible way.

Our experienced team of professionals assist our clients with issues regarding breach of fiduciary duty, shareholder actions against executive management, executive compensation disputes, minority shareholder rights disputes, shareholder appraisal rights, and anything else that could be disrupting your business due to a dispute among partners. The reliable advice from one of city's top commercial litigation firms helps every client assess and resolve their individual disputes to refocus on growing and expanding their business.

"To be prepared is half the victory." - Miguel De Cervantes

In most business partnership agreements, there is the potential for disputes to arise, which is why we not only assist our clients with existing disputes, but also to prepare in the unfortunate event of a future dispute. Whether a client requires counsel for a current issue, or is simply preparing against potential future concerns, we assist in the processes of exploring their legal rights, how to best handle the situation, and helping clients resume business as usual as quickly as possible.

Our first step in assisting our clients is to explore their legal rights. Every client's case and situation is different, so we craft every plan around your exact needs and direction. We will look over any and all relevant contracts and agreements, carefully noting and exploring the nuances of each agreement to provide guidance on the rights to which you are entitled. All possible interpretations of the agreement will be taken into account to gain a better understanding of the dispute and how to best resolve it.

Furthermore, we will explore the best and most efficient way to settle the conflict in the manner that gives the best opportunity for a fair resolution. We explore with our clients the best courses of action to take in the situation, whether that be anywhere from resolving the conflict itself, to a buyout of stocks, or even a sale of the business. Our experienced San Antonio Attorneys will work with you to determine the fairest and least damaging possible solution.

To schedule a consultation with our highly qualified legal team, give us a call at (210) 224-1819 or complete the form on this page. We look forward to providing excellent representation to help resolve your disputes in a favorable manner.