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Our San Antonio Attorneys have helped people and businesses for over 20 years. Located near downtown San Antonio, Texas, and founded in 1994, we have a proven history of offering comprehensive legal representation to people and businesses that need our help.

Our Legal Practice Areas ⇓


LitigationSometimes, parties involved in a dispute find it difficult to come to an agreement on their own. Even if such parties find a solution, it is often hard to enforce the terms agreed upon. Disputes that involve the need for cooperation of any kind and conflicting  Read More

Creditor Representation

ArbitrationHave you loaned money or provided services or products in good faith, but are now having difficulty in getting paid? If that is the case, our creditor rights attorneys can assist you in getting your money back. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the area of creditor representation. read more


CollectionsAre you looking to collect some bad debts that have been pending for a long time? Are you looking for a law firm that will handle your case in a quick, effective and discrete manner?  We specialize in debt collection. You can rest assured that with us you will read more

Business Law

Business LawOur unique experience allows clients the advantage of a combination of legal expertise & business understanding, which enables us to achieve consistently exceptional results on behalf of our business clientele.read more

Consumer Law

consumer protectionIssues having to do with misleading advertising, consumer protection & the appropriateness of a company’s marketing practices, the privacy of a consumer’s personal and medical information  read more

Investment & Security Disputes

InvestmentWe believe that our 20 years of experience servicing San Antonio’s investors shows a proven track record of success, as well as an efficient combination of appropriate out-of-court settlementsread more


ProbateTexas probate is a little simpler than other states, because of the independent administration of estates. There are times when probate is not necessary and there are times when it may be something that you would like to look into. Take into consideration that there are different types of Texas probates read more


BankruptcyWe have a team of legal experts with the skill and expertise dedicated to helping private individuals and companies navigate bankruptcy proceedings. You need to be assured that your rights are upheld at every step of the process. When it comes to bankruptcy proceedings, you need an expertread more

We understand that offering personalized attention and strategic long-term solutions to our clients helps us and them. We are respected and trusted by our clients and our legal peers. At Bingham & Lea, P.C., we are attorneys and counselors. We represent and advocate for clients in court and arbitration. We counsel our clients and tell them in plain language what they need to know.